A cup of tea is always an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds.

Tania Abreu and I went for the first time on a fancy tea salon.
We always talked about on wanting to go in a fancy pastry because we never went before.
We always saw great picture on Instagram from people going to fancy places.

So our first Tea Party was in Ladurée pastry.
At the beginning we were a bit hesitant and nervous.
But we really enjoyed the little time together.
The decoration was gorgeous and elegant. As also the waitresses were very nice.
I ordered my favorite tea, THE VERT SENCHAYAMATO  mint tea.
Ladurée is best knowing by their famous Macarons candies.
Of course we ordered 2 of them and they were delicious.

The time rushed, we enjoyed it so much that we took pictures all the time.

For sure we will go back soon.
If you are looking for a calm and fancy tea salon, I recommend the Ladurée pastry in the 
Grand-Rue in Luxembourg city.


Macarons - Ladurée - Luxembourg-Ville
Rings: H&M

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