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Back to school

Hi guys, Summer time is about to end and school time is about to start.  So for this Blogpost,  I am sharing with you one of the looks I like to wear in school-time. I'm actually attending my 4th and last year of Bachelor in Education and really proud …

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My Skinny Coffee 28 Days Programm

Hi guys, today I'm sharing my last secret to loose weight by drinking a cup of coffee every morning. Yes you read it right! With Coffee. Who hasn't an addiction of coffee and can't live without a cup of coffee in the morning? So yes, I…

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Zoeva Party at Smets Store

Hi Guys, I'm back with a new Post, writting about the Zoeva Blogger Party hosted at Smets Luxembourg. Beyond a simple Concept Store, Smets is a place of meetings, exchanges, discoveries. This store is a dynamic project where Art, Fashion and Design coex…

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5x5 Outfit Challenge

Hi Fashionistas, after a long blogging Break due the studies, I'm finally back with a new Post for you Guys. I really missed sharing with you all my ideas on creating fun outfit look, taking pictures, spending some time with friends and writing for you…

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