Hi Guys,
I'm back with a New Post from the DIY Series.

This time It's all about Plants Pot.
I'm always searching for new Ideas on Pinterest to decorate my home and I found this one.

All you need is:

white plant pot (Ikea)
Rose Gold spray (color of your choice)
old newspaper

Start by protecting the floor with old Newspaper.
Then choose a color-spray and spray the whole plant pot.

Tip: You can also use some tape and put it in the pot by creating 2 different colors.

When you're finished, let it dry for a few minutes.

As you can see, I made 3 samples, by using cooper, gold and silver color.

You can also use the plant pot for holding other elements, like your
toothbrushes,  plants and office equipments
to brighten up the different rooms in your house.

So Guys, that's it for today.
I hope you like this DIY.

If you like to recreate it, don't forget to share it on Instagram with the Hashtag

See you guys next week,
LM ♡

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