Hi Guys, I'm back with a New Post.
This time I'm sharing with you a Lifestyle Post, a DIY to decorate your Bedroom/Home.

Recently I'm loving the Rose Gold Color and actually I didn't had any decoration in Rose Gold shapes.
That's why I decided to do a Serie with DIY's and Recycle on using this wonder color.
I also want to share with you  how you can combine it in your Bedroom, Dressingroom or even in the whole House.

For the 1st Serie I'm showing you a Rose Gold Painting/Board Frame that you can do by your own.

All you need is:

old Newspaper
white paint board
acrylic paint ( Cooper, Rose Gold)
Tesa Tape
Paint brushes
Glitter (optional)

1. Start by protecting the floor with old Newspaper.
2.Then, use the tape to create some lines on the white Board.

3. Next, put the colors of your choice in drops on the paint board.

4. Now the FUN part.
Use a paint brush and start  painting in the way of your desire and taste.

Tip: Try to create different patterns like drops, waves and straight lines. It will create beautiful aspects on your board.

5. To give it a little touch, you can add some glitter.
I add some dusty glitter to create a glitter explosion in the middle of the board.

When you're finished and satisfied with the result, just let it dry for a few hours.

6. When the paint is dry, you can finally take off the tape from the board.
The tape will create clean white lines on your board.

7. Now you are finish!
You can hang it on a wall or like me, add on a board to dress up your bedroom/home.

I hope you enjoyed this craft and the idea of the DIY Serie.
Leave a comment down below about your thoughts and your ideas.

By the way!
If you are thinking to recreate this DIY, you can share it on Instagram by adding the Hashtag #DIYwithLM

I would love to see your recreations.

LOVE YOU GUYS and thanks for reading♡
LM, xoxo

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