Before I start talking about our last day in London, I just want to answer a question.

A lot of people asked me which Hotel we booked.
But honestly, we didn't stay in a Hotel but we hosted in a private room.
On you find a lot of accommodations like private rooms, studios an even whole appartements for an accurate price all over the world. You just have to select the city you want to visite, then typing the dates and automatically the program will search
for available places with their prices.
If you interested don't hesitate to take a look.

So for the 3rd Day of our London trip, we finally visited the worlds famous London Bridge
the Tower Bridge.
But before that we had a great Breakfast at the London Grind Café.

For breakfast I choose an avocado Toast with some and poached eggs.
It was so good that I actually would like remake it at home.
I really recommend to eat their toasts because they were delish.
Of course a fresh peppermint tea couldn't miss to a perfect breakfast.

After the breakfast we got the path to the Tower Bridge.
It's a very old architectural and popular Bridge whose details are stunning.
My favorite part was that it has a touch of blue on the sides and it has 2 towers.
Of course we weren't the only tourists on the round, so it was actually hard and difficult
to take good pictures.

Take a look.

London Grind Café


Tower Bridge - London

Sweater: Primark
Bordeau Skirt: 
Jacket: Primark
Scarf: Mango

Boots: Seaside

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