The 2nd Day of our London Trip went so fast.

Tania and I started the day with a delicious breakfast where we tried their typical Pancakes.
With this a Peppermint Tea could not miss.
It was very delich.
After getting pumped with Energie, we 
 decided to visit some unique places in London.
First we went to Nothing Hill, known by their colorful Houses and  Streets. 
Each House was unique. 
I never saw a colorful House Street in my life, simply beautiful.
Afterwards, we went to the Buckingham Palace where we enjoyed the this beautiful view and their architectural details.
At the end, we got some time to do some shopping in the Oxford Street.
I never imagined that they got soo many stores out there.
It was insane.
It's actually a good Street to shop.

Here I am sharing with you some Pictures from that day.

Toi et Moi Coffee Shop

Notthing Hill - London

Buckingham Palace

Red London Cellphones

Black Transparent Top: Stradivarius | similar |
Lace Top/Dress: Stradivarius 
Grey metallic Skirt: SheIn

Leader Jacker: H&M

Sneakers: Adidas 
Beanie: Amazon
Bag: Michael Kors

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