Hi guys, today I'm sharing my last secret to loose weight
by drinking a cup of coffee every morning.

Yes you read it right! With Coffee.

Who hasn't an addiction of coffee and can't live without a cup of coffee in the morning?
So yes, I'm also in that club. 
I used to be a Milk, hot chocolate person, but with the years, I've learned loving coffee.

This coffee that I'm talking today is the Skinny Coffee from the SkinnyCoffeeCLub.com.
It is the go to weight loss programm for the coffee fanatics on the earth. 
This turns out to an healthy addiction. It was once just an average cup of joy and has been reformulated to burn fat, antioxidants with more benefits. This Skinny Coffee formula is an innovation in wight loss and it's helping women to look and feel their best.


Sincerely, I'm one of them I'm feeling better since I'm drinking it. I also feel less bloated during the day and it tastes delicious. I really recommend the Skinny Coffee Club, if you are looking for a good coffee and at the same time a weight loss program. The ingredients are all natural with no hidden toxic chemicals and no inflated claims. 

Ingredients are: Instant Coffee, Green Tea Extract, Garcinia Cambogia and Silberian Ginseng

You should be asking what the Silberian Ginseng is. A made some researching and found this:
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Silberian Ginseng  has been known for aiding your immune system, helping your mental performance and mental health and increasing your energy, vitality and longevity. Siberian ginseng can also miraculously lower your blood sugar, which is one of the first steps to weight loss and preventing or recovering from diabetes.

Being a powerhouse of nutrients and health benefits, Siberian ginseng is a true superfood. Whether you are dealing with an array of health conditions or just looking to upgrade your life, you can benefit from the superpowers of Siberian ginseng.

Some Benefits of Silberian Ginseng:

  • Siberian ginseng can give you more energy

In the averagae you can choose betweeen 3 different Coffee Programms on the website.

You can find the 
1. Original Weight Loss Programm
2. Night Edition Weight Loss Programm 
3. Chocolate Mocha Weight Loss Programm

With every diferente Programm, you find normal grain Coffee or an Instant Edition Coffee.
I choosed the Instant Coffee Edition because my coffee machine needs specific coffee pads. Plus the Instant Coffe Edition just need an addition of boiled water, so it's way faster.

Skinny Coffee Club delivers Worldwide and it arrives within a few days (3 to 5 days).
Order your Programm here SkinnyCoffeeClub.

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Hope you enjoyed this article and you like this hint if you are struggling with loosing weight.
Write me your thoughts in the comment box down below.
See you next time.

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